December 22, 2009

This is what we did for Christmas.....

This is what we did on Christmas this year.First christmas in new house, first christmas tree and first christmas from Sharlene.

There was a Christmas party in the childcare that Sean and Sharlene attend, Santa Claus was there. The younger one was abit unsure not knowing what was happening, but happy so long that there is nice food. Then there was a Graduation party performance where Sean also participated in the Christmas carol.

We also went to see the yearly event, The Christmas parade in the city. Very hot day around 35'c but Sean enjoys it because he gets to see Simpson and Star wars plus because of the hot weather he gets to indulge himself with all the icy cold drinks for the whole day.

Lastly how can i Christmas do without a party right?So we have a small gathering with all our singaporean friends who live in our street.Steven and family, Felix and family, and us. We also have a special guest appearance Josephine...also a singaporean friend who travel here for holiday.She is a ex classmate of mine and Anne.Needless to say kids are the happiest person on earth when it comes to Christmas time as they get to open up their pressie which they had been patiently waiting for the past few weeks before Christmas.

Missy is walking!!!

Sharlene started walking around end Nov,started with 1-2steps, but now she is walking quite alot!!She enjoys her new found skills,happy to roam around so long as I am with her.

Even now when we are in the mall, she will want to come down and walk, still tumble down though, but she will stand up and do it again. Sometimes it's quite funny to see her with her balancing act, as for a 1yr old gal she is quite huge, so she will look like a humpty dumpty trying to stand up stabling herself each time before she starts walking for few steps that falls down again.

November 02, 2009

Time to blog.....

Yes my exam is just over finally i am back in actions again, too many to updates but really havent got a chance to do it.Results..?? dont bother to ask me I simply refuse to think about it. Hee hee

Anyway first i hope to pen down my 2 kids activities and development. Let's start with Sean, since he is the eldest.

He is now going for full time child care, i can actually witness and feel it myself that he has actually grown up to a bigger boy and no more our little baby that he used to be. Very independent in alot of way, but timid and whinny still. I often drop by the school during mid day to check on him when I am not working and he seems to be interacting well with his friends which i am glad.

Academic wise (Numberacy and Literacy), i think he is doing alrite, he can write A-Z (not very nice but eligible), recognizing numbers up till 30.Doing simple sums,coloring, spelling. But all these needs to be done when he is in a good mood.

Still a TV addict, this hasnt change, worst part is he is also hook on to the computer these days. So I bought some computer games for him. Those educational ones, so i can kill 2 birds with one stone. He gets to play with computer games at the same time learning. However he didnt really enjoy it, maybe because he thinks the mummy is being boring and buying those study game for him.But for benefit of doubt, i will try to navigate him through the game which i haven't so I am not sure if he really understand what he needs to do.

Can be a good helper(again this only happen when he is in a good mood). Helping us to do simple housework, like helping us by picking all those dirty laundry to put into the laundry bags, getting mei mei stuff from her wardrobe, as mei mei's room is very far way from us.

Of course kids are still kids, he can be a disobedient at times, simply refuse to listen to you, now he is even at the stage where he ignores me when I am lecturing him which drives me mad. He just won't answer you, and u have to ask a few times before he replies.

I am still very worried about his health. Sometimes he can eats alot, sometimes he simply refuse food.Sometimes complaint about stomachache, not sure really aching or it's something else.

Very active boy, where you can see that he prefers physical activities like jumping, running etc.....than reading a book, writting or coloring on his own.I am starting to worry about him academicly as he doesn't really show keen interest in it.He rather do his own thing, or play and play and play.

Sharlene, is now 1yr+, as i look at her, i notice that she definetely grown up alot. She is now in her toddler stage, no more baby. Very demanding and sticky gal, constantly sticking to me. Whenever i go she is like a shadow following me around, mind you, this includes, my bathing, and toilet time.(when Jerry is not around). Still very fussy about her food, I begin to suspect she is a vegetarian, she is happy to eat most fruits and vege, but not so much on meat(chix,fish). She luvs music and singing, when we switch on the music for her, she will sing and clap her hands and smile widely.

She hasn't walk yet, still crawling, and cruising, maybe because of her body size, she may find it hard to balance herself well,not to mention walk.She has now got 8 tooth altogether 4top and 4 bottom.She has got a nick call shredding machine, as she basically will go around the house to find paper and eat it up bit by bit. Because she usually cries if i don't carry her and out of sudden you find it too quiet, you will find her hiding in a corner chewing on whatever paper she can find.I think she now weight 10kg+.

She is now in the stage where she will fight with the Brother if he tries to snatch her toys away, or Sean refuse to give her what she wants.She will scream and scream, trying to snatch or hit the Brother.But because she is younger, she usually lose the the Brother unless either myself or Jerry comes in.

She even know how to "chu" pattern these days, like when she had done something wrong and we scolded her. She will tilt her head, look down, the eyes dare not look at either me and Jerry, dare not move, whole body freeze for short while.Then she will use her eyes to peep at us, to see if we have further action.If we show our angry face she will continue to look down and continue not to move for a little while, then she will quietly crawl away thinking that we do not know.

It's funny to see how they behave, so sometimes we just pretend to be angry......

As for myself nothing much changes, just that with all the help gone, I foresee myself to be busier.Looking forward to the trip next year.Jerry got his promotion,hopefully more promotions on the way.....

We have more or less settled into the house, had our house warming cum Sharlene's birthday party on 11/10/09. We were bless to have good weather, good food and good friends to grace the event.Photos below :

A Peep into my house.....

Yes,is taking me very long to get all these photos up.It is not 100% completed yet due to insufficient of "house improvement fund", but this is what we can have at best at the moment.

September 03, 2009

My grumpie gal has now grown up to be a sweet little kay poh princess, although she can still be very grumpy at times.But to me she is simply gorgeous

August 12, 2009

Too busy to updates

As mentioned in my previous post, my FIL is here for 3 mths, helping us to look after the kids and cooking.He kind of enjoys it as he seldom sees his grand kids.My son always con him into buying toys and snacks for him. He snacks too much lately until he actually fall sick. Sean was down with fever and coughing a week ago.

As for mei mei she also seems to be naugtier,my FIL tends to carry her alot during the day so now she refuse to sit down and play by her own. Always want to be carry as soon as she opens her eye. The moment you put her down she will start yelling.

So far it has been so good, he cook for us without any complains which I appreciate it.I must admit that sometimes there are things that we sort of like have different opinions, or perhaps it's just me being fussy.To me it may be standard things to do or most logical way to do but then again I try to convince myself that everyone tends to have different perceptions and different ways of doing things. But long and short of it, i still appreacite his help lah.

With him around we have celebrated a few event, my mum's birthday which i forgotten to upload those photos earlier.

Then we had pot luck at another Singaporean friend/neighbour's (no photo's taken paisey coz first them eat at their place) and also National Day celebration.

Anyway it's also good that my kids can get to spend sometime with him because we don't always have a chance to fly back and even if we do fly back it's like a short 1-2weeks.

Sharlene is teething

At 10mths old,Sharlene's crawling skill improves tremendously, she can now crawl on her legs, she even attempted to stand supported. And she seems to enjoy it alot.After each attempt she will smile widely which makes me very proud of her.

We saw a couple of tooth sprouting out.It's the front 4 and 2 more from the bottom.She now becomes very fussy with her food, anything that is not to her pallate she will spit it out and rather go on hunger or on just milk diet. Which is why we started giving her adult food which still cook separately but tastier hoping that she will eat.I reckon she lost some weight, because her face is less chubby.

Her face with abit of rashes on off, not sure why it is not going away completely. I am suspecting when we are not around she manage to get hold of her teether made of latex which she is allergy to.

Just some pictures of her cheeky face, you may be able to spot her sprouting tooth too.

July 27, 2009

They are gone

My mum and sis are gone.We or maybe it's just me waking up this morning hit by the reality that my mum had gone back to Singapore last nite after staying a year with us. The house suddenly become sort of like different, quiet, I didnt say that she is noisy, but it is rather quiet now.

And my sis will be embarking into her new journey of life in a new place.For me it's sort of like a double impact. Both quiet and empty.I just need abit of time to get use to it.

Then and again i have my father in law here staying with us for 3months, helping out, so I wonder what is ahead for us for the next few months.